Mens Suede Bomber Jacket

Mens Suede Bomber Jacket - Guide


Mens Brown Suede Bomber Jacket for Men 

One of the great things about mens suede bomber jackets – make that mens bomber jackets of any type, they are designed for comfort. If you but a properly sized bomber jacket it should be loose around the chest and the rest of your body. This design of course was necessary for fighter pilots who needed to be able to twist and turn without being restricted. This great looking jacket is not only comfortable and stylish but features outstanding quality and could be worn throughout most of the year.

Mens Suede Bomber Jacket

Cutter & Buck Micro Suede City Bomber Jacket.

Like most mens suede bomber jackets this jacket can be worn at the office or just lounging around with friends. If you are shopping for a suede bomber jacket that is nice and casual that will still keep you warm . Made from micro fiber material this jacket as a full front zipper that allows you to easily and quickly take the jacket on and off and cuffs with a nice ribbed design to help keep out the elements. It also has a pocket on each side that makes it convenient to store small items like your car keys for easy access.

Mens Suede Bomber Jacket


Mens Light Weight Suede Bomber Jacket

Looking for a mens suede bomber jacket that tells the world you have a great sense of style and that you are ready for adventure. Unlike a lot of suede jackets this jacket doesn’t have to be dry cleaned so it is really easy to maintain. It is a light weight option that will prove to be comfortable when the water is just getting cool but you wouldn’t want to wear it on a cold blustery day in Chicago. If you are a guy who carries a lot of small odds and ends around with you this jacket has you covered not only with two pockets on the outside but it also features four interior pockets that are secure.

Mens Suee Bomber Jacket


Classic Suede Leather Bomber Jacket for Men 

When shopping for a mens suede bomber jacket you may want to consider finding a jacket that has an elastic band in the waist, as many do, to help keep the jacket pulled snug against your body while giving you plenty of room in the chest and arms to easily maneuver around. You can also find suede bomber jackets that feature cuffs with snaps or bands to help keep the wind from going up your arms on those really cold days.

Mens Suede Bomber Jacket


Mens Suede Shearling Bomber Jacket  

If you are shopping for a classic suede bomber jacket there are a couple of features you will want to look for. First, although you can find bomber jackets with racer style collars this isn’t a true classic design. The classic bomber jacket has a collar that can be pulled up when the wind really starts howling but is normally turned down around your neck. If you are looking for a bomber jacket that will keep you warm in the really cold weather you may want to check out a jacket with a shearling sheep wool liner that continues to the outside and on the collar that you can turn up when necessary.

Mens Suede Bomber Jacket